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Who are we AMC?

Work group

AMC has a multidisciplinary work group, with different skills, but that complement each other, in order to achieve a common objective: the materialization of the project or work in accordance with the client’s needs, from the moment it is captured on paper to the final finished result. .

Each team that is part of this work group is qualified to carry out any type of project and to face the challenge of new challenges.

Architecture team

The AMC Architecture team (Architect, Technical Architect, Public Works Engineer and Senior Technician in project development) takes care of from the approach of the first design ideas of the work, through the control of the construction process, until the delivery of the finished work to the client, for projects intended for residential, commercial, leisure, urbanization actions, etc.

  • Basic and Execution Projects.
  • Previous studies.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Architectural design.
  • Design and calculation of structures.
  • Directions of Works.
  • Work Execution Directions.
  • Interior renovations of homes and premises.
  • Interior Design. Interior Design transforms your home or commercial premises with a personalized project. We can improve the functioning and aesthetics of already built spaces, adapting them to the client’s new needs, without neglecting the technical aspects, which must never be left aside.

The design and the proposed technical solutions must walk hand in hand, in order to satisfy the client’s needs. It is about creating spaces with the highest degree of comfort possible, always taking into account the limitations set by the budget.

The Team is also responsible for carrying out topographic surveys and providing solutions to the set of facilities that the project that is developed or the >reformthat is intended to be carried out.

The topographic surveys are necessary for the correct definition of actions at the urban planning level, for the preparation of Graphic Validation Reports, and any demarcation or measurement > of plots or plots.

The scope of action in the design and calculation of installations ranges from small actions to more complex installations, whether residential, commercial or industrial activities of any type. This team also carries out regulatory compliance studies, such as studies of compliance with fire protection conditions, ventilation and thermal conditioning of premises, etc.

Construction team

The AMC Construction team is made up of experienced workers and is responsible for materializing and making the ideas embodied in the project a reality. The work is always supervised by the Project Management and the Project Manager, which guarantees its correct completion.

The experience gained over the years allows any unforeseen event to be resolved effectively and in the shortest time possible, thanks to the coordination and communication of the entire Working Group.