Av. de la Coruña, 42, entresuelo C
15960 Ribeira, A Coruña
T. +34 646 67 13 68


The company began in Ribeira in the 70s. Over more than 40 years, it has prospered and incorporated new professionals, to the point that, a decade ago, AMCconstructions was created with the aim of consolidating it. in the construction sector of the Province of A Coruña. This challenge has been achieved thanks to the commitment to quality and innovation in its works and the great team of professionals it has.

AMC Constructions always seeks to ensure that the quality required for each project is achieved in all phases of construction. For this, close collaboration with the client is very important, since their opinion is taken into account to be able to recommend the best solution for any concerns or doubts that may arise.

The construction sector is very dynamic and being up to date with the latest developments is essential. The application of new materials and the use of current construction techniques is part of our repertoire of solutions. In this way, by providing its experience and its ability to face new challenges, AMC constructions is able to cover a wide range of jobs: from small construction projects, new construction (residential construction, single-family homes, service sector, industrial warehouses, etc. ), renovations of all types (homes, commercial premises, etc.), interventions in existing buildings (fixing pathologies in the building), urbanization actions, etc.

AMC’s commitment is to always obtain the expected result, meeting deadlines and specifications (both technical and the chosen materials). Adaptation to the needs demanded by each client is always pursued, offering the most appropriate solutions to their concerns.